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In 1963, Sanyu Resin Co. Ltd was established in Japan,as a manufacturer of electrical and electronics insulation materials for industry related use.
Today, SANYU REC is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of epoxy, urethane and other resin products.
Its products are abundantly exported to countries across the globe. In 1996, it formed SANYU JUSHI SDN BHD to cater to the South East Asia region.

Company Info

SANYU JUSHI SDN. BHD (199601008775/381123-M)

Date of incorporation effective 25th March 1996

Location :

Lot 64 (PT400) Persiaran Bunga Tanjung 2, Senawang Industrial Park, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Malaysia

Contact Numbers

Phone :

+606-678 7570, +606-678 7571 & +606-678 7633

Fax :

+606-679 4711

Start Up Capital

Authorised Capital for start up in 1996 was
RM 10,000,000

Our Principal Bankers

(a) MUFG Bank Malaysia Bhd
(b) Malayan Banking Bhd. (Seremban Branch)
(c) Hong Leong Bank bhd (Senawang, Seremban Branch)

Principal Business Activities :

Design & Development, Manufacture and Sales

Types of Products :

(i) Epoxy Resin
(ii) Polyurethane
(iii) UV Resin
(iv) Other Resin

Group and Affiliates Structure

Parent Company :

SANYU REC Co. Ltd. 5-1, 3-Chome, Doucho Takatsuki-Shi, Osaka 569-8558, Japan http://www.sanyu-rec.jp/

Trading House :

Sanyu Rec (M) Sdn Bhd

Manufacturing bases :

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan,
Malaysia, and China

http://www.sanyu-rec.jp/ http://www.sanyuresin.com/index.html

About Us

SANYU JUSHI SDN BHD, a subsidiary of SANYU REC Co. Ltd of Japan, is a leading manufacturer of Epoxy Resin, Hardener, Powder as well as Polyurethane, Ultra Violet (UV) and Semiconductor Chip On Board (COB) Resins. We have been operating since 1998 and being strategically located at Senawang Industrial Park, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


Contact Us

    Phone : 06-678 7570

    sales2.sj@sanyu-rec.jp mohandass.sj@sanyu-rec.jp

    Lot 64, Persiaran Bunga Tanjung 2, Senawang Industrial Park, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

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