Establish on 2012, R&D section has been continuously making new products to fit for the customer requirement and expectation. 
Other than developing of new products, the goal for R&D section is to source and research the trend of upcoming and latest technology with the help of our HQ in Japan. 

Till 2013, R&D Section have developing more than 100 new products consists of epoxy resin, polyurethane (PU), semiconductor and others.

The aim for R&D is to produce quality product through continual improvement on the product itself and also the process. As for the electronics component casting resins, workability such as viscosity and thixotropy becomes an important criteria.

We have single component cured products and two components cured products for easy use based on our customer requirements. Picture shows the cured epoxy and PU samples.

The laboratory has been relocated, refurbished and equipped with latest technology equipment for testing. Starting with general properties testing such as viscometer (photo), until high-tech equipment such as Shimadzu Autograph, Seiko TMA & Tg/DTA.

Our lab can do all the test required by the customer. Picture shows the latest tensile strength testing unit. Through this latest technology, bending and pulling test can be done in our lab.

Tg/DTA is use to study the materials characteristics through analysis of characteristic decomposition patterns, degradation mechanisms, and determination of organic & inorganic content in a sample.

DSC is used to examine polymeric material in order to determine their thermal transition. Melting points & glass transition temperature for most polymers are available from standard compilations
The incubator is used for new product testing based on temperature and duration. This incubator can be operated on the range of -100C to 600C.



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