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Primary Uses
































Potting urethane (PU) for automobile

  • Car electronic parts
  • sensor
  • keyless sensor
  • high voltage PCB

car electronic unit ECU

  • air bag sensor, ECU
  • reactor
  • waterproofed dsiplayed type LED
  • LED signal

LED indicator for outdoor


Polyurethane, commonly abbreviated PU, widely used in insulation panels, electrical potting compounds, and other areas which cover wide range of stiffness, hardness and densities.

Polyurethane manufactured at SANYU JUSHI SDN BHD currently applied at electronic and automobile components as an insulator by enclosing them in polyurethane. Our polyurethanes are selected due to its:

  1. Good electrical properties
  2. Flame resistance (UL94/V-O)
  3. Excellent Moisture Resistance
  4. Excellent heat cycle shock

Example of live application manufactured from our PU resins are as follows :

Potting urethane for PCB (Low viscosity / coating)

  • PCB, light ballast,trasnformer

Washing Machine


power supply

Power Supply



Motoring EFI / CDI


High voltage transformer
Damp proof insulation substrate
Electrical component,lighting ballast
Capacitor, noise filter
Dorming surface coat













































Epoxy adhesive is another product of ours which contributes to the following manufacturing industries
  • Various vehicle chip parts
  • films
  • bonding & crack prevention of seal for relays
  • binders,terminal of metal
  • ferrite core
  • cooling parts & reactor


Low viscosity impregnating epoxy

  • PET,PP film capacitor
  • OS Capacitor

Dipping epoxy live applications

  • Tantalum capacitor
  • Noise filter
  • Hybrid ic
  • High voltage film capacitor




Epoxy is a thermosetting epoxide polymer that cures when mixed with an agent called Hardener. Epoxy resins are important in the electronical industry, and are employed in Transformers, Motors, Generators, Switch gears, Solenoid coil and Insulators.

Our Epoxy resins are widely applied for home appliances and auto parts by world famous brand manufacturers. We have various grades of epoxy resins known for its reliability such as:

  1. Stable & longer life durability
  2. Excellent Moisture, Short Circuit, Dust Resistance
  3. Excellent Electrical Insulators
  4. Flame Resistance (UL94/V-O)


Example of live applications or live products produced from the epoxy resin manufactured by Sanyu Jushi are ignition coil, invertor modules, sensor modules,power modules. These products are execellent hear shock and has good resistance.

Ink C
Ink Cartridge



















UV Resins are suitable for bonding of components, encapsulation and coating. Our UV resins are applied on film capacitors, ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors. Our resins have excellent dimensional stability and reliability of electronic components for the cured coating layer.

Our UV resins are very effective in bonding of components which is not heat resisting, especially for application which requires maintaining its shape. We are capable of producing optimal materials (custom made) from low viscosity to high viscosity and from high degree of hardness to flexible depending on customers’ requirements.


Examples of life applications used in the marker based on our UV resins:

UV curable resin for coating and adhesion

  • PET use
  • Plastic

Touch sentitive panel

  • Tube
  • PCB
  • Outdoor waterproof

UV curable resin for water proof insulation

  • capacitor exterior
  • electrode encapsulation
  • partial coating
  • LED
  • decoration
  • part bonding




Chip on Board or COB refers to semiconductor assembly technology wherein the microchip or die is directly mounted on and electrically interconnected to its final circuit board. It is widely used in printers, electronic thermometers, calculators, sensors and IC memory card.

We produce COB materials for printing encapsulation and dispense encapsulation. This is one part liquid epoxy resin which has long potting life, good workability, high degree of hardness, heat resistance and good reliability on moisture resistance. It is also certified with UL94 / V-O flame resistant grade. They are environmentally friendly resin composition, which are non halogen, non phosphor and non antimony.


Construction Adhesive Material
Construction materials was created with a mind of coexistence with the people and the harmony with nature.

Water Filter


Air Filter



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