1. Renovation held on our factory premises

New Look of SJ Building & Facilities.

This renovation project was established on Jan 2013 and completed on Apr 2013.We renovated the office area to be more convenience for employee to work.We expanded the warehouse and production area with add in new machines to increase the production capacity and storage level.We established Clean booth in Production area to produce Semiconductor resin as well.

Main Entrance
Main Office Building
Main Office Building
Lobby 1st Floor
Meeting Room
Office Cubical
Main Lobby
Newly extended production lines & Ware Housing

New Clean Booth - New Twin mixer machine

New Clean Booth - New Twin mixer machine


New Clean Booth (New mixer machine)

New Production Area (New Twin Mixer Machine)


New Production Area - New Compress Machine

New Warehouse - Raw Material Storage




Sanyu Jushi Sdn. Bhd. now officially started Research & Development operations. With the assistance of our parent company, Sanyu Rec Japan, our research and development program is emphasize on the development of new range of products such as Epoxy Resins, Epoxy Powder, Polyurethane, Chip on Board (COB) material, Semiconductor resins and Ultra Violet(UV) resins.

Our research and development program is focused on the development of new and enhanced products to meet the latest technologies requirements, cost and to preserve the environment. Besides new inventions of various products, SANYU JUSHI SDN. BHD. also develop tailored made products to meet specific customer requirements. We conduct joint development projects with our customers and our prospects. We carry out our research and development activities in SANYU REC JAPAN, and SANYU JUSHI SDN BHD Seremban, Malaysia.



In the month of January 2009, we have successfully completed the integration of both quality & environmental manuals. We have also appointed SIRIM as our certification body.

June 2009 , SANYU JUSHI SDN. BHD. obtained the ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certificates approved by SIRIM.



Environmental Management Team of Sanyu Jushi Malaysia has always given priority for environmental friendly subjects. To be part of the global issue on preventing environmental pollution, we have set a target to reduce 50% of incineration waste from year 2009 onward.



Sanyu Rec (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was established early 2008. It is also a subsidiary of Sanyu Rec Co. Ltd. Japan, approved by Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) in August 2008. The main objective of Sanyu Rec (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is to enhance our existing business with the other subsidiary in Malaysia.

Sanyu Rec (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. will be involved in the trading activities within our group of companies and with our overseas business associated companies. Our core activities at Sanyu Rec (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. will be trading of raw materials, semi finished products, re-packing process and secondary process.


6. Additional Platform & New Reactor Installation

June 2007 the company have decided to have an additional reactor. This new reactor capacity 2.0MT is to produce urethane B [non black type product].

This reactor was operational from the month of November 07 onwards. It has eased the company’s burden in meeting with customers requirement and also reducing the operational problems of capacity to produce quality products.

With this new reactor in place the company can now keep up with customers latest demands for Urethane B type products.







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